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Best Blender Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best personal blender to buy in 2022? And perhaps you do not know where to start because of the overwhelming choices and options in front of you. We will try to help you narrow down your choices by drilling down to exactly what you may be looking for. The many different types of blenders are each designed in a particular way to meet a particular need.

No matter how personal a blender blender may be no two personal blenders are the same. A personal blender are generally the type of blenders that are meant for one person or they make enough volume for one person. But all the same they are designed and manufactured differently. Before we dig deep into this blender buying guide, let’s explore a few reasons you may want a blender depending on the intended use and purpose.

Reasons To Have A Blender, Its Use And Purpose

As explained above you must have a reason to want a blender and have a definitive use and purpose for it. This will help you to choose the right one for you much easier.

Best Blender Buying Guide
  • You can use a blender for smoothies,
  • You can want a portable blender for travel,
  • You may want the best personal blender for ice,
  • You may also want the best one to use on frozen fruit smoothies,
  • You may want a portable blender for camping,
  • You may be looking for rechargeable portable blender for car,
  • You may want a portable USB blender,
  • Or a battery powered blender,
  • Or you may want the best travel blender for green smoothies only.

There is a whole lot of reasons why you may want to buy a blender and what you want it for. Whether you are buying your first kitchen mixer or you are replacing an old, worn-out model, there are a lot of good reasons for adding a blender to your kitchen appliance arsenal. There are certain recipes which benefit from a blender, where mixing or mashing by hand simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

Blenders can quickly render fruits and vegetables into healthy smoothies and juices. In liquid form, the healthy nutrients, minerals and vitamins that vegetables and fruits offer are absorbed into your bloodstream quickly. This means you get faster health rewards.

Blenders are also great for another reason. Kids love mixing stuff in a blender. It’s fun. It makes a lot of noise (a minimal amount if you test-drive your blender first and choose a quieter model), and kids love raising a racket. This gets your children involved in the kitchen at an early age, and when you focus on blending healthy fruits and vegetables, you instill good nutrition habits in your children.

While having choices is always nice, this can present a problem when it comes to purchasing a blender. Your local big box retailer probably has 10 or more blenders to choose from, maybe several dozen. If you are shopping online, you have literally thousands of models to choose from. So how do you decide? Which one is the right one for you and your family?

You can pick out the right blender every time when you know the reason, purpose and use you want it for. That way you would be able to know which features, components and accessories to look for. Say you are looking for the best personal blender to buy in 2022, you wouldn’t spend time on commercial blenders or multi serve blenders because you are looking for a single serve.

Then knowing that you are looking for the best single serve blender in 2022, Amazon would be the best place to look because the ratings there are current. Amazon lists blenders according to popularity based on customer ratings. So you would go search for a term like “single serve blender” in their Blenders category. Or go straight to the Personal Size Blenders category by default they will be listed according to the best rated (in 2020, since the ratings are current).

Click here to see – Personal Size Blenders Category

For instance, you may never have thought what motor size you need. Depending on the food you are going to be blending, choosing the right motor may be very important. Capacity, warranty and price are other obvious considerations.

That’s why this special report was made. This blender buyer’s guide will walk you through the different features that common blenders offer. This will help you choose what features and accessories are important to you, so you can rapidly narrow down your selection. You might even find that once you decide on the minimal features and abilities of the blender you’re going to purchase, sticking to your budget will take care of itself.

Figure What Type of Blender You Want First

After reading that line, you may be thinking, “That is exactly what I’m trying to do!” What this refers to is what class of blender you are going to be purchasing. All blenders and mixers will fall into one of the following 4 groups.

  1. Standard
  2. High-Performance
  3. Immersion
  4. Personal

Standard Blender

This is your traditional, conventional, basic counter-top blender. These are the less expensive models you see priced anywhere from $25 to $100. If you’re whipping together a fruit smoothie or a milkshake, a standard blender will probably handle all your needs. You will find the best small blender for green smoothies in this category.

With typical standard blenders, you won’t be juicing whole fruits and generally will not be able to reduce ice to smaller than chunk sizes, but for simple jobs a standard blender delivers. Dozens, and possibly even hundreds, of different companies make standard, conventional blenders.

However the NutriBullet Pro 900 Blender/Mixer System is not your typical standard blender. It performs way better than most standard blenders. It also passes as the best personal blender in 2022. Watch the video above to know more.

High-Performance Blender

These models have all the bells and whistles, and then some. You will usually be able to whip up ice cream or hot soup, make juice out of whole fruits, introduce fruits, vegetables, ice, nuts and other food items to a very fine consistency, and possibly even make bread dough. This is the category you will find the best blender for frozen fruit smoothies.

Many high-performance blenders also offer extended warranties and multiple accessories as well as features, and you could expect to pay between $200 and $700 for those features. VitaMix and Blendtec are the names you repeatedly hear mentioned during any discussion of high-performance blenders.

Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders have been around for a long time, but have really only become widespread the last couple of decades. As the name implies, you immerse a long, slender, cylindrical blender neck into a glass, pot or some other container.

The blending blades are contained in the end of the blender that you lower into the liquid you want to mix. You will not find the best small blender for smoothies in this class. A smoothie needs to be, well, smooth!

The Cuisinart CSB-300 Smart Hand Blender comes close to giving you the perfect smoothie.

You get minimal power here, this blender is more for convenience than versatility, and you can expect to pay somewhere between $20 and $60 or more with accessories like the Cuisinart CSB-300 Smart Stick Variable Speed Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender as it comes Electric Knife and other accessories.

These are sometimes called hand blenders, and Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach are a couple of the many companies that make decent immersion blenders.

Immersion blenders are more convenient when cordless because it means you can travel with them when you go camping or on a picnic. They are also normally quieter and multi purpose at the same time. As an example the Cuisinart CSB-300 Blender can be used as an electric knife to cut of your meat or other things.

Personal Blender

This type of blender is relatively new. It is designed for making a juice or smoothie very quickly, with little preparation or cleaning required. Ninja, Black and Decker and NutriBullet are a few more popular personal blender manufacturers.

The Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle is currently topping the charts at and would be the best personal blender in 2022!

If you are blending for a family or a party, this is not the blender for the job. However, for a quick and healthy smoothie or juice drink on the go a personal blender can’t be beat. Expect to pay between $25 and $100.

They will also have varying power capabilities like some are powerful enough to crush ice or frozen fruit.

However, personal blenders category are ideal for light duty. If you are looking for a portable blender for camping or car this is the category to look into.

Some manufacturers also make rechargeable blenders you can power with a battery or USB making them perfect for travel, camping, use in the car or at the office.

Personal blenders come in handy when you travel or going to the gym. They make just enough to avoid waste of fruit and other ingredients. They are very convenient because normally the container you blend with is the same you take with.

Consider the Motor

When you think about it, the motor is the most important part of your blender. Of course, how efficient your mixing and cutting blades are is important as well. So is capacity, durability and a ton of other features we will talk about in a minute. Still, you can have the most capable blender and best features in the world, and if your motor goes out, you are dead in the water.

There are no hard and fast rules about motor size except that generally speaking, you get a more powerful motor when you spend more money. A hand-held, immersion blender will have a motor in the 100 to 300-watt range. Most counter-top blenders and mixers will boast somewhere between 250 and 700 watts. For most tasks, somewhere between 400 and 500 watts of power will be plenty.

For an immersion blender, insist on at least 200 watts. Personal blenders are at the low end of the wattage scale, like hand blenders. High-performance blenders really crank up the wattage, since they are capable of grinding, pulverizing and breaking down just about anything you put into them. It is not uncommon to see a high-performance blender with more than 1,000 or even 1,500 watts.

So if you are looking for the best blender for smoothies and ice, you need a high-performance blender.

Speaking of high-performance, high-end blenders, there is another consideration to think about regarding the motor. You will see VitaMix, Blendtec and other top-of-the-line blender manufacturers talk about horsepower. They know that most people equate horsepower with car engines. This is their sneaky way of getting you to believe their blender is incredibly powerful.

All blenders will have a wattage rating. This makes for an easy, across-the-board comparison between hand blenders, conventional counter-top models, high-end machines and hand-held mixers. Stick to comparing watts to watts when choosing between one blender and another, and don’t forget this next important motor consideration.

Look At The Warranty

Be happy if you can wrangle a 30-day warranty out of your immersion blender purchase. In most cases you won’t want to spend too much money on a hand blender. They may last several years or just a few months, and they aren’t very powerful or versatile. The same will likely be the case with a personal blender or rechargeable blender using USB or battery powered hand blender.

Concerning a conventional blender or high-end model, you want to take a look at the warranty and understand just what is covered. We just got through mentioning the importance of your blender motor. Regarding warranties, your blender base and motor will sometimes have a different warranty and qualification considerations than the rest of your machine.

You might find it odd, but blender warranties are all over the road. You would think that when you spend hundreds of dollars for a blender you would get an amazing warranty. Be prepared to be shocked if that is your mindset. You can find some really good warranties on high-performance models. You can also find basic 90 day warranties as well, and lengthy warranties on low-end models.

This means you need to be aware of the warranty on the blender you decide to buy. Remember, money isn’t everything. Spending a few extra bucks now to get a considerable warranty, or even purchasing an extended warranty, might be the right move if you expect more than just the basics out of your machine.

Just so you know, Blendtec offers what they call “The Best Warranty in the Business” compared to all other blender manufacturers. This means an amazing 10-year warranty on all parts of their Tom Dickson Extreme and Professional 800 series blenders. They also offer a 3-year warranty on refurbished models and a 3-year warranty on a blender jar if it is purchased separately.

Contrast that to the VitaMix 7-year warranty that covers “… a machine that fails within 7 years from the date of purchase due to a defect in material or workmanship or as a result of normal wear and tear from ordinary household use.” They go on to state that what they consider a machine consists of the motor, blender base and any containers that were included with your blender purchase.

All things being equal, features and price, it may make sense to purchase a Blendtec over a VitaMix for the extra 3 years of coverage.

Container Considerations

What is your container made of? What does the jar look like? Is a round or square? Is it so tall that when it sits on the base with a lid on top it doesn’t fit underneath your counter where you plan on storing it? Is the jar on a blender you are considering clear or opaque? Does it include handy marked measurements such as ounces and milliliters? Is it too heavy for the principal user? How much does it hold? Would you be able to make your favorite green smoothie blender recipe that will last for a while?

For health reasons you may want to consider a glass container over a plastic jar. Obviously, this is going to bring the price up a bit. Also, you could shatter a glass container if you drop it. The same may not happen with a plastic blender jar. All of the above questions have to be asked before you get your blender home and begin to use it, only to find out you should have taken some more care in making your choice.

The most obvious container feature you need to think about is capacity. A standard, inexpensive, counter-top blender could have a 32 or 64-ounce jar. If you have basic needs, you can find an attractively priced standard model with multiple speeds and a large capacity glass container with marked measurements. Whatever your needs, just remember to ask the 8 container questions mentioned above before you settle on a model.

Blender Accessories

This is an easy consideration to make. If you need multiple jars or containers, mixing and cutting blades and other accessories, this can help you rule out one blender over another. Understand that in most cases accessories are not included under any type of warranty. You may be able to finagle a 30 or 90-day warranty on your accessories, but unless it is explicitly stated in your warranty, these items are not covered.

Blender Size

We mentioned this earlier. It bears repeating though, because the physical size of your blender is important if storage space is an issue. Too many people plan on buying a blender when they are making a trip to purchase other items, without measuring the storage or display space they are going to be using. Take a few minutes to measure from counter-top to the bottom of the counter above it if you will be storing your blender on your counter.

If space is truly limited, measure the width and depth of the intended storage area as well. You might also be looking for a portable blender that is battery operated, and its size also matters and how you store it.

This sounds like a no-brainer consideration you should be making. You might be thinking, “Well of course I would measure for space and storage issues.” However, you never know when you may be out and about, and stumble across something that looks like a really good blender buy. Having this information with you (meaning measuring for space issues as soon as you finish reading this guide!) can keep your blender purchase from producing mixed results (pun intended).

What Does The Blender Look Like?

If you’re going to store your blender away, out of sight, this may not matter to you. If you don’t have a theme or color scheme working in your kitchen, you may not care how your blender looks, or what color it is. For those of you who are very detail oriented, you probably want your blender to fit in with your other kitchen appliances so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

How Noisy Is The Blender?

It has happened too many times. Someone finds what they believe to be the perfect blender. It has all of the features they want, and none that they don’t feel like paying extra for. The price is right, the warranty looks good, and speaking of looks, the machine is stylish as well as functional. They make the purchase and head home, excited about using their new kitchen appliance.

They fire it up for the first time and it sounds like a helicopter is in their kitchen.

You probably are not going to be able to manually test a blender or a mixer when you are choosing one at the store. Whether you buy from a physical, brick-and-mortar outlet or online, there is one simple way to find exactly how noisy the blender is. Fire up your nearest Internet compatible device and head over to YouTube.

Type in the manufacturer and model number of the mixer you are looking for. There will no doubt be at least a few videos you can check out to see exactly how noisy or quiet a particular blender is. To help your search parameters, add “noisy” or “quiet” to the blender manufacturer name and model number when searching on YouTube for some revealing results.

Blender Reviews

If you are looking to buy the best personal blender in 2022, another excellent place to go is At buyers leave feedback about the product they are purchasing. If they like it they write about it, if they do not like it they write about it. There is no censorship. If the blender is noisy you will know about it. You just need to take a few moments and read through the reviews, you pick a lot about the blender.

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