AQV Portable Mini Blender With Travel Blender Carry On Cup

AQV Portable Mini Blender Review – For people looking for a blender that can just prepare a smoothie for you anytime, anywhere then this portable blender is just for you. It can fit anywhere because of its small size. It has many such features that prove to be one of the best choices for you. It won’t let you down.

This article, in brief would provide you a description of the product that will tell you why you should opt for this blender compared to other blenders.

AQV Portable Mini Blender With Travel Blender Carry On Cup Overview

The AQV 300 watt Portable Mini Blender with Travel Blender Carry On Cup features a 4 Action Stainless Steel Blade perfect for Smoothie Making. The Portable Mini Blender comes with two 20 ounce containers and twist on, non-spill travel lids perfect for on-the-go.

The AQV Personal Blender with 2 Travel Take-Along Sport Bottle is perfect for homemade, office, travel and outdoor sport. Below are instructions how to use it.

How To Use AQV Portable Mini Blender

travel blender carry on
  1. Fill Ingredients into Bottle
  2. Attach Blending Blade to Bottle
  3. Put Bottle On Base Unit, Lock Into Right Place
  4. Blend Till Smooth by Rotating Blade Lid
  5. Remove blade lid, attach drinking lid, then go

AQV Portable Mini Blender Quick Features

  • Portable mini Blender Comes with two 20 ounce containers and twist on, non-spill travel lids perfect for on-the-go.
  • The containers and lids are dishwasher-safe. Enjoy Delicious Fruit or Vegetable Juice At Home or On The Go.
  • Best Personal Blender For Improving Your Diet & Health.
  • AQV single serve blender featured by its small size and fast juice function. Fill, twist and go, only within a minute you’re done and on your way. Easy to use, easy for clean up, easy for storage.
  • 4 Sharp stainless blades, 300w rated power, blender base has a non-slip bottom and splashguards to keep everything clean.
  • 2 Extra bottle, which are made of bpa-free, all material is food grade, and AQV mini blender is certified with UL/CE/RoHS.
  • 90 Days unconditional return & refund, 720 days quality guarantee!

AQV Portable Blender Video Demo

AQV Portable Mini Blender Pros And Cons

This travel carry on blender is perfect as a portable blender but without some room for improvement. Let us look at some of its pros and cons!


Stainless Steel Blade
This portable blender comes with a four action stainless steel blade with sharp cutting edges to blend the vegetables into a perfect smoothie.

Power Consumption
Since the blender is 300 watt the power consumption is alright. The voltage required is 120V-60Hz.

The motor being of 300 watt provides a really good speed and makes the juice or smoothie in no time. It is also helpful for making smoothies and frozen juices.

Easily Portable
The blender is of small size and comes with a fast juice function. The blending jar serves as a cup that can fit the size of any cup holder, hence it is easily portable – a travel blender carry on!

Because of its small size, it takes very less space and can be stored anywhere.
Clean Up
The blender comes with the option of easy clean-up. The bottom of the blender is a non-slip bottom and the splashguards prevents spilling and allows everything to be clean.

The blender comes with two extra bottles and the material is BPA free. The material is food grade and has been certified by UL/CE/RoHS.

The blending jar is pretty attractive with a nice proper sleek finish. The color of the blender is shiny and the jar is narrow at the bottom. It comes with pretty attractive ice cube tray.

Dimensions – 7.1*9.3*10.8 inches.

Weight -3.09 lbs.

Easy to use
It is pretty easy to use and no complications are there while using it.


Just like everything has advantages and disadvantages, there are cons too of this traveling blender. Cons include:

mini portable blender
  • Compared to the other blenders, this is a bit of features, but then there’s a good side too, it’s expensive because of its features.
  • It needs to be handled carefully.
  • It is not a rechargeable portable blender like the TopEsct Personal Blender, it needs to be plugged.

Final Verdict

For people looking up for blenders that they can carry anywhere with themselves and also make smoothies and frozen juices in no time, then this is the best portable blender for smoothies for you.

Where To Buy AQV 300 watt Portable Mini Blender

This AQV 300 watt Portable Mini Blender is on sale at and at the time of this writing there is a promotion going on.

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