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Best Small Blender For Smoothies

Are you looking for the best small blender for smoothies? In this article we take a look at the best smoothie blender you can buy in 2022. The criteria we use is based on the popularity of the blender at The more popular a blender it qualifies it to be one of the best to consider buying. And in order to measure small we are looking at single serve blenders for smoothies. Let’s start.

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Top Select Small Blenders For Smoothies

If you are looking for something robust yet small enough for your personal use, the following list makes the best single serve blender in 2022.

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COSORI 10-piece Smoothie Blender

One of the best small blenders for smoothies to buy in 2022 is the newest in the market, COSORI 10-piece Smoothie Blender. It is a single serve personal blender for smoothies and shakes.

The Cosori High-Speed Personal Blender is the best small blender for smoothies because it is currently flying off the shelves down at It has hit the best seller list and users are loving it.

The Cosori blender is not only packaged well it chops ice and frozen for smoothies at a lower purchase price than equally good blenders. It is also easy to operate and quick at blending. It is also easy to clean. Click here for Cosori personal blender reviews at

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Ninja Master Prep Chopper QB900B

If you are looking for the best personal blender for ice the Ninja Master Prep Chopper QB900B would be the perfect choice for you. Below is a video demo showing the blender crushing ice.

The Ninja Master Prep model QB900B is a Chopper, Blender and Food Processor all in one. It crushes ice into snow in seconds and can blend frozen fruits in a perfect smoothy smoothie. It is also designed to chop fresh vegetables for soup. Click here to read more about the Ninja Master Prep Chopper QB900B

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770

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Ninja Professional Blender – BL660

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Ninja Professional Blender BL610

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Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender 51102

The Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender 51102 is the portable blender for work.

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender Video Demo

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Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender Quick Look

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