Cuisinart CPB-300 Smartpower Blender Review – Portable Blender That Crushes Ice

Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender Review – Looking for a perfect blender/chopper that proves to be a perfect kitchen companion and also can accompany you outdoors, then Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender is the power-packed and an ideal option.

You always think of saving time while making healthy food stuff and drinks like shakes, thickness plus smoothness of smoothie, pina coladas (non-alcoholic) etc.

Cuisinart CPB-300 Smartpower Blender Review

In short, you think about a blender that performs well with smoothies as well as icy drinks isn’t? On the other hand convenience of cleaning and easy to use appliance is always something that you want to own.

If you love eating green leafy vegetables in your smoothies, you will certainly notice that this portable blender that crushes ice is perfect for breaking down even the toughest stems and leaves finely giving your healthy drink a perfect texture.

This article will help you as a review of Cuisinart CPB-300 Smartpower Blender.

Cuisinart CPB 300 Blender Overview

The Cuisinart SmartPower Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System is a slim and trim powerhouse that does it all for you!

You can use the streamlined blender jar to make smoothies in a flash! You also can mince herbs in the chopping cup and whip up custom drinks right in the travel cups.

Being a mini portable blender, it is designed to fit anywhere, the Compact Portable Blending/ Chopping System delivers big-blender performance, with a 350-watt motor and the ease of single-hand operation with the user-friendly electronic touchpad! The stainless steel accents create an attractive, fashionable addition to any kitchen.

New BPA free Tritan from Eastman co-polyestor is used for the all vessels blender jar, chopping cup and the travel cups. They are all shatter resistant and dishwasher safe. A real time saver, cleanup and maintenance become simple chores.

Cuisinart CPB-300 Portable Blender Features

  • Sleek electronic touchpad with LED indicator lights
  • Powerful 350-watt motor
  • High, Low and Pulse controls
  • Standby mode; safety interlock and auto stop features
  • BS housing with stainless steel front pane
  • BPA-free Tritan 32-oz. blender jar, 8-oz. chopping cup, and set of four 16-oz. travel cups
  • Patented ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Two interchangeable blade assemblies: blending blade and chopping blade
  • Recipe Book
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited 3-year warranty

Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender Parts

BPA free, 32 oz and blending jar with an easy grip
BPA free, 32 oz and blending jar with an easy grip come with a cover as well as pour lid which has an extraordinary and sturdy design to suit all your blending requirements.

Cuisinart CPB-300 Compact Portable Blender Parts

BPA free, 8 oz chopping cup
This portable blender for smoothies comes with perfect lid handles that makes it easy for you to carry out different food preparation process like whipping, grinding and chopping.

4 BPA free 16 oz travel cups
These cups come with lids that enable easy blending. You can easily prepare your favorite healthy drinks like diet drinks, protein shakes, smoothies and many more.

2 sturdy blade assemblies
These high quality and wonderful blade assemblies are sturdy enough to carry out various tasks like grinding, chopping etc. They have self-aligning design that helps the cups to fit on the base easily. The blades assemblies can be changed to suit different tasks.

Heavy duty and stainless steel motor base
It is stable and tough with a 350-watt motor embedded along with an interlock feature for safety.

3 function based touchpad control along with LED lights highlighting the indicator
The features are easy to clean, use and read. The LED lights show the exact speed used.

Apart from all the features stated above another amazing feature are its feet that are slip-proof to avoid movements while the product is in use and prevent any marks on tables.

Let us read through some cons related to Cuisinart CPB-300 Compact Portable Blender.

With a lot of amazing features, some cons noticed are that the Cuisinart CPB-300 Smartpower Portable Blender is not good at preparing margaritas. Some users say that tomato sauce left residue on the jar.

Further this is not the best personal blender for crushing ice as you need to crush it a little into smaller chunks if you want to make cold smoothies.

It is not a portable rechargeable battery operated blender as one might wish a travel blender to be, but it comes with 16-ounce “To-Go” cups.

Cuisinart CPB-300 Smartpower Blender Review Video

Final Verdict Of The Cuisinart CPB 300 Blender

With so many features to avail, you simply cannot ignore the product if you are looking for best portable blender for travel in the market.

Where To Buy Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt Blender

This Cuisinart CPB-300 Portable Blender/Chopper System Perp is available to buy at In fact when you click here – Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender – to go to page you will notice that there are 3 options of the Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender.

Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Sleek Electronic Touchpad with LED Indicator Lights

This Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Sleek Electronic Touchpad with LED Indicator Lights is a sleek blender that comes with 4 travel cups.

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Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower 15-Piece Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System

This Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower 15-Piece Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System is 350 Watt blender that has been refurbished.

Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender

The Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender is higher or upgraded version of the Cuisinart CPB-300. It comes with a 750 Watt motor.

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