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Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender Review

If you are looking for a personal blender that is perfect in 2022, the Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender would be your perfect pick. In this blender review we are going to look at the pros and cons of this personal blender to help you decide whether it is something you want or not.

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Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System Review

A blender is an indispensable kitchen appliance for anyone who decides to adopt healthy eating habits. By blending your fruits and greens, you can enjoy delicious, low-calorie, nutrient dense smoothies that aid with weight loss and enhance overall health. If you are a green conscious person you need the best personal blender for green smoothies. However, you will need to invest in a good quality blender, preferably one that gets the job done with ease.

One such model is the 12-piece Magic Bullet 600 watt blender from NutriBullet. This compact blender will fit snugly on your kitchen countertop and you get the choice of a blue, gray or red color scheme finish. It has a lot more to offer in terms of features, which you can learn about in the following Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System review.

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Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece Blender Features

NutriBullet 12 Piece High Speed Blender

The NutriBullet is about 14 inches tall, 3.5-kg in weight, and features a 600-Watt motor. Moving it around should be easy since the power cord is a decent 4.75 feet in length.

As the name implies, this blender’s base and jar form a bullet shape. To form this stylish design, NutriBullet made this model using plastic for the cups, lids and handles, while the base unit features a gray metal finish.

The largest jar has a capacity of 26-oz but there are smaller cups (14-oz each) with lids that help you use them on the go. Other notable features of the 12-piece NutriBullet include:

Multiple Blades And Cups
The 12-piece NutriBullet comes with a powerbase, 1 tall jar/cup, 2 short cups, a milling blade (for grinding dry ingredients into powder form), an extractor blade, 2 lip rings (one built with a handle) and 2 re-sealable lids. The rings provide a smooth surface for your lips when drinking straight out of the two smaller to-go cups. Apart from the blades and electrical components, all other parts can go into a dishwasher for cleaning.

Lengthy Recipe Book And User Guide
Included in the 12-piece package of the NutriBullet blender are the pocket nutritionist booklet and user guide with recipes. The lengthy user guide offers more than smoothie recipes. It also includes recipe ideas for main meals, snacks and soups that don’t require the blender. The guide provides a six-week NutriBullet transformation plan as well to help users get the most out of their new blender. In addition, there is a journal at the end so you can keep track of what you are eating.

Auto Blend Function

Unlike most blenders that come with buttons to turn the machine on and off or switch between blending speeds, the 12-piece NutriBullet turns itself on automatically.

Once your ingredients are in the pitcher and the blade is tightly screwed on, simply press the cup down into the base, twist it into place and the motor will start itself. Untwisting the cup also stops the blades.

Is the Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece Blender Worth Buying?

NutriBullet’s 12-piece Magic Bullet blender has earned rave reviews online from thousands of buyers who vouch for it. Therefore, this appliance is worth considering if it is in your price range. Keep in mind though that the most amount of fluid you can blend with the NutriBullet is 32 ounces. This low capacity makes the NutriBullet a good choice for couples or for individuals who live alone.

The Pros And Cons Of The Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender


nutribullet price
    • 600-watt motor is powerful enough to grind hard ingredients like crushed ice, flax seeds and coffee beans

    • Cyclone motor technology draws ingredients towards the blade like a whirlpool, thus ensuring that all ingredients blend properly

    • Easy to use auto blend function

    • Clear cups let you see ingredients while grinding, shredding, or blending

    • Max fill lines on the cups assist with measuring ingredients

    • Comes in 3 color choices that might complement or add to your kitchen décor

    • Plastic parts are BPA free

    • Most parts are dishwasher safe except for the blades and power base

    • Comes with 1 year warranty

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nutribullet pro
    • Blender does not have multi-speed options

    • Appliance is built according to U.S and Canadian electrical standards, so it uses 110-120V. That means this blender is not built to work in countries that output 240V from wall sockets.

    • Some buyers complain about leaking issues, although that can be avoided by not overfilling the pitcher and ensuring that the base is screwed on securely

Another 600-watt NutriBullet personal blender is the Magic Bullet NBR-1201R 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System. Watch the follwong video about the

Verdict On The Magicbullet Nutribullet 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System

The 12-piece Magic Bullet NutriBullet offers everything that you would want in a blender. It is effortless to use, stylish looking, blends in seconds, cleans up easily, and comes with plenty of recipes to help you get started. Overall, this workhorse takes the hard work out of making smoothies and makes blending an effortless daily habit that you can enjoy.

Where To Buy The Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

If you are looking for a blender from Nutribullet Amazon is first place to go for this best personal blender. Simply because the rating of products at Amazon is easy and simple to follow. Products are rated and you can list them according to popularity or bestselling. Another place you can buy Nutribullet Walmart is another place you can consider because it is also popular online and offline. They sell very great items like the Magic Bullet NutriBullet Nutrition Extraction 12-Piece Mixer/Blender.

These 2 are not the only places you can get a Nutribullet Kohls is another great place to buy your personal blender. Being a popular brand Nutribullet Costco, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond are other places you can buy the Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender.

Nutribullet Price – Is This Personal Blender Affordable

This blender should generally cost less than $100 anything higher would be expensive. If you want to make a price comparison visit all the stores mentioned above i.e. Costco, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, Walmart, Tagert, etc.

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More Nutribullet Magic Bullet Blenders To Choose From

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Magic Bullet NutriBullet RX N17-1001 Blender
The Magic Bullet NutriBullet RX N17-1001 Blender is a 10 piece set appliance that features a Nutribullet 1700 watt motor with hands-free SMART technology. It is ideal for single or family sized servings. This makes it interchangeable as a personal blender that can be used for protein shakes, hot liquids or soups and sauces.

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