Rechargeable Portable Blender – TopEsct Personal Blender Review

TopEsct Portable USB Blender Review – If you are a foodie, a fitness enthusiast and love real fruit juices, smoothie and blend different fruits and vegetable to have healthy combos, then TopEsct Portable USB Blender is the perfect rechargeable portable blender that gives you the ease of super mixing. This USB Blender is easy to use, portable and an easy to clean unit.

TopEsct Portable USB Blender Overview

If you love milk shakes etc, you can make them instantly using this portable usb blender. It will blend really well with absolutely no chunks left behind.

rechargeable portable blender

You can easily make fruit juices, smoothies, protein shakes for your entire family. You can treat yourself to healthy drinks and shakes with the help of this unit which is also a usb portable juicer.

It is indeed a perfect blender and this article we will give you a detailed review to understand this portable rechargeable battery operated blender better.

Like the Extsud portable blender, this is the best portable blender for travel that is versatile. You can make a smoothie, make a juice and a whole other things that need chopping. This is possible while on the go because it has an in-built rechargeable battery. It is also a great portable blender for work.

TopEsct Personal Blender Quick Features

Here is a quick look at the features of the portable juicer blender.

  • Updated version portable personal blender, six blades in 3d for superb mixing
  • Safety, food-grade non-toxic pp & abs material, BPA free
  • Multi-function the juice blender can make juice, milkshake, smoothie and mix many kinds of fruit and vegetable
  • Portable built in 2000mah rechargeable battery, can be charged by power bank, cell phone or other usb devices
  • Magnetic sensing switch ultra safe to use and clean, no spinning once opened for cleaning

A Rechargeable Portable Blender

Its updated version is portable and comes with 6 blades that enable excellent mixing. It is neither too heavy and you can also carry it while traveling.

Safe and Secure

It is a Portable Mini Blender model that is safe to use which is BPA free.

Multiple Functions

The device performs multiple functions and can be used as a blender to make juice, smoothie, and milkshake and blend different types of vegetables and fruits.

Rechargeable Battery

It is portable and has a built in 2000mah battery which is rechargeable. You can charge it by cell phone, power bank or USB devices.

portable blender 3d

Super Easy Cleaning

The switch is magnetic sensing and enables easy cleaning and use and absolutely no spinning occurs when you open it for cleaning.

Saves Time

This usb rechargeable portable juicer blender helps to chop the vegetables easily and saves a lot of your time which otherwise you would have spent chopping them. If you are looking for a portable blender that crushes ice, the TopEsct Personal Blender is not necessarily a good choice but you can crush the ice a little.

TopEsct Portable USB Powered Blender Video Demo

You will love this usb rechargeable blender as it gives perfect consistency for protein shakes. You can simply carry the device and it is really helpful if you are making shakes, smoothie, vegetable and fruit juices on a daily basis.

Now after going through the pros of the blender let us have a look at some cons related to the TopEsct Portable USB Blender.

Some users experienced that the blender gets stuck due to its restricted power when big slices of fruits are used. Some users also complain that the gasket is not removable.

Final Verdict About This Portable Juicer Blender For Travel

The TopEsct Portable USB Blender is a combo of juicer, blender, and mixer that helps you to do blending, mixing and chopping stuff easily. So, if you are keen on getting healthy juices, shakes, smoothie etc effortlessly, then buy this product to enjoy healthy food stuff.

Where To Buy TopEsct Portable USB Blender

The TopEsct Portable USB Blender can be purchased at and at the time of this writing there is a promotion going on. When you buy 2 of the TopEsct Portable USB Personal Blenders you get 10% off. Click the banner below to see if the promotion is still on.

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